Murchison Motion Pictures

COVID 19 – Murchison Motion Pictures is taking the lead on filming Commercials and Advertising for TV Networks, News Stations and all Social Media platforms…to help stop the spreading of Corona Virus

Murchison Motion Pictures

We Help Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.


Murchison Motion Pictures

Murchison Motion Pictures is a full service film and production company. We focus on small and large size, Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Videos and more. 

Our team is seasoned and well experienced in Pre-Production, Production, and Post-production. We can help set up your projects, film your projects and even edit, color or add special effects and much more.

Work process

How We work on projects


We sit and talk about your goals for your project.

Written Proposal

We take the idea and strategy and place it on paper and finalize details


We put the project into action and start on your idea in the way discussed.

Output Work

We put together all the finale touches to your project and send you deliverables for approval.

Production Services

Murchison Motion Pictures can help your project no matter the stage you are in from Pre, to Production and even post production Reach out to us and find out the many ways we can  help “Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.”

Pre Production

Script Development 100%
Budgeting 100%
Casting 100%
Producing 100%

Post Preduction

Color Grading 100%
Editing 100%
VFX 100%
Graphic design 100%

Other Services We Offer

Script Writing

Our team of can help assist you with teaming you up with a dedicated writer for your next film project or to just assist you with rewrites.

Global Distribution

We can help facilitate you and your project with global distribution of your film or music.

Project Management

Our team can produce and manage any of your film projects as well as executive produce your music productions.


Pricing Package


Professional Marketing services


Starter Pricing


Murchison Motion Pictures INC(west)
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Murchison Motion Pictures LLC (East)
512 Cobble Drive
Reisterstown MD 21136

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